Pain into Purpose

How exercise can help your mental health My story: I was always a chubby child, I loved eating, and working out was a big no for me. I hated the ideology of making your body suffer through strenuous workouts. So throughout most of my childhood, I was very lazy. However things changed when I got […]

The Horrors of Taliban

I want you to put yourself in a position where you have just been told that one of the most terrifying terrorist groups is going to attack your city. Your basic rights were going to be snatched from you in a matter of seconds, you would no longer be able to walk freely on the […]

Simone Biles struggle with Mental Health

Simone Biles show’s us the importance of Mental health in the world of sports The recently held Olympic games in Tokyo not only showed the importance of hard work and sacrifices to achieve the utmost great but also showed the importance of mental health. Simone Biles astounded everyone by deciding to skip the women’s team […]

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